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Gaming the System

Gaming is an ever growing industry at the moment, with 2.6 billion active video game players in the world in 2020. The concept of merging advertising and gaming is not new, mobile games have had pop-up ads for years and a 2019 study found 94% of free mobile games have adverts. While mobile games tendContinue reading “Gaming the System”

Don’t forget to hit Subscribe!

Subscription services are becoming the new norm! Video streaming like Netflix, music streaming like Spotify, and software like Adobe Creative Cloud have millions of users paying a monthly fee. The New York Times reported that consumers were spending an average of $640 per year on digital subscriptions, a number that is only expected to increaseContinue reading “Don’t forget to hit Subscribe!”

It’s Story Time

Stories are 7-15 second, portrait videos/images which are displayed to social media users. After first gaining popularity on Snapchat, Instagram/Facebook and YouTube have all implemented similar features into their applications and websites. It’s time for brands to get on-board with stories! The Value of Stories for Brands The short length and vertical format is perfectContinue reading “It’s Story Time”

Tik Tok Needs Ad Block?

Tik Tok is the latest phenomenon in social media, an app which amassed over 800 Million users monthly since it burst onto the market in 2018. One of the unique aspects of Tik Tok is its overwhelming popularity with a young audience, seeing over 41% of its users between 16 and 24 years old. ThisContinue reading “Tik Tok Needs Ad Block?”

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